Here we go!

We just got our building permits!  We are really doing this…building a house for our family.  It’s overwhelming and I just have to have faith that even though I don’t have every step and detail figured out, that it will all work out.

I designed this house and my husband, Cody and I will be doing all of the general contracting ourselves.  We have the dirt work guy lined up already to get started next week. After that the formwork for the foundation, electrician and plumber will do their thing.  I will post to here and Instagram lots of progress and inspiration photos, as well as the ins and out and ups and downs, and everything we learn along the way. We would love you to join us on this adventure!


front elevation

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  • Hello! I just found you and am wowed by your beautiful farmhouse. I have looked and looked and looked and haven't found exactly what I want in terms of layout until I saw your tour! If you have any tips - they would be most welcome! ?

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