Simple Ways to give your home cozy Fall vibes

Simple Ways to give your home cozy Fall vibes


Transitioning your home decor for Fall

Don’t your just love Fall?

Warmer tones, scents of pumpkin pie spices, and bonfires!

We all love Fall and making our homes cozy to welcome in the chilly weather!

It can be as simple as lighting a candle and adding a chunky throw to your sofa.

I love decor items that are functional.

Use thick cozy textures

Adding in a chunky knit throw blanket over the arm of the sofa, or a furry thrown pillow can make you just want to snuggle in and keep warm.

Using decor with Neutral and warm colors to add Fall Feels

I like to incorporate some neutral, warm tones in the fall.

One way I do this is by changing out the faux stems in my home for some that reflect we see going on outside.

Think bunches of wheat, blush-toned hydrangeas, and neutral leaves.

Other great Fall materials to use might be rope, burlap, and wood-toned anything.

In my kitchen, I love the wood tones of the cutting boards as a backdrop to the pumpkin tureens.

You don’t have to use Orange in your Fall decor

Orange is not for everyone.

I am not big on bringing orange into my home full of blue and white.

So I have found ways to make it feel like Fall without even the orange.

The blue pumpkins you see here are dollar store pumpkins that I spray painted.

Functional Fall Decor Ideas

Real pumpkins can become pie or jack-o-lanterns, blankets keep us warm, candles provide atmosphere and fill the air with warm scents and memories.

Pumpkin pots and pumpkin-shaped soup tureens are also functional ways to fill your home with warmth while the temperatures outside are cooling off.

What are some of your favorite ways to make your home warm and cozy?

I’ve gathered a few items for adding those cozy vibes in your home!

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