the old barn

This picture right here is our heart and soul and the reason for everything we do.  Family is at the core of the way I design homes.  And it's the reason we believe so strongly that everyone should have a well-designed, beautiful place for connecting and creating family memories. We hope we can help you create a home designed for connecting with those you love!

What it's all about

Let us help you turn your dreams into plans

Old barns represent our values. They are timeless, well-built, and purposeful.  Simple pleasures, appreciating the small things, God’s blessings, the real things, helping neighbors, clients who become friends, FAMILY…this is the soul of Old Barn Design.

And, much like a community coming together for an old-fashioned barn-raising, we hope to help you put down roots and build your dreams.

Why the Old Barn?

Today’s building prices aren’t making this part easy, but we can help. We can teach YOU how to be a self-contractor and hire all the tradespeople needed to build your home. We are 2 non-construction experts who have done this twice and are still happily married…and this process actually helped us build a nice chunk of equity for added security. 

Build Your Dream

I (Jessica) have a deep appreciation for beautiful and functional homes.  Maybe it stems from living in some less-than-ideal places growing up, as the daughter of a single mom doing her best (she worked miracles!) with what she had, trying to make ends meet. We couldn’t afford beautiful, well-designed homes. Those days taught me the frustration of poor design and materials, and I began to envision ways to create homes that were beautiful, warm, and super functional for families. And I want everyone to experience living in a home that loves them back. 
My floor plans are designed for people and families who want connection with each other, friends, and the outdoors. And those who want their house to help them stay tidy and organized.  

Turn dreams into plans

It all starts with your dream. Your vision of how a home should be, look and function for YOUR life.
Don’t wait for the perfect time. Time stops for no one. Start building the life and home of your dreams and start making memories sooner rather than later.

Dream Big

How it Works:

Cody is a loud, number-crunching, Tex-Mex aficionado, and Jessica, a creative dreamer-upper who wishes she could sing like Whitney. We self-contracted the build of our second dream home in 2019 and when the requests for our floor plans started coming in daily, Old Barn Design was born!

Jessica has a Masters in Architecture and designed The Century Oak Farmhouse for our own family. Cody grounds us with his outgoing personality and budget-conscious practicality. He is also the resident IT guy and bug-slayer.  Together, we can help you build your dream.

We love helping families turn their dreams into reality.

Howdy! We’re Cody and Jessica

Started selling our floor plan.
Old Barn Design was born.


Self-contracted the build of our current home. Second time, Jessica designed it.


Annabelle was born.


Self-contracted the build of our house for the first time, Jessica designed it.

Kyle was born DURING that home-build!


Barrett was born.


Jess got her Masters of Architecture
while working at a residential firm designing multi-million dollar homes.


Bought our first house
And did a few small DIY projects.


Got married


Met in college at Texas A&M thru a mutual friend.
We went dancing with a big group, and Cody asked every other girl to dance before he asked Jessica. He says he had to work up his nerve.



Our Bootstrap Builders Program is for couples who fear your dream home goals have been devastated by the cost to build. You'll go from construction novice to living your dream in your dream house.  All while maintaining full control of the budget and choices, and ending up with a nice big chunk of equity to boot!

Construction Guide

Our open inviting layouts feel airy and bright with lots of windows and glass doors. You’ll love the spacious public spaces, gracious porches. Each plan features carefully designed focal points and symmetry. Attention to detail and the use of functional design ideas make our home plans work for busy families and anyone who wants a functional home. 

Floor Plans