How to Reduce your Family’s Paper Towel Usage – ONE Small Change

Confession: Our family used to be paper towel junkies.  They were our go-to for messes big and small.  I estimate that we would go through a roll every other day.  I hated seeing all of that waste going into our trash can, but I couldn’t bear the thought of doing the amount of laundry I would have to do if I replaced all those paper towels with kitchen cloths.

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When we moved, I decided to make ONE SMALL CHANGE in an effort to reduce the number of paper towels we used.  I thought this change may slightly reduce our paper towel usage, but I had no idea that we would go from about 15 rolls a month to just 1 roll per month!  

What was the one small change?  Instead of keeping the rolls on the counter right by the sink, I moved them to inside the cabinet below the sink (attached to the cabinet door).  And I hung an Envirocloth on the cabinet door knob.  You could also drape one over the dishwasher handle since the dishwasher is usually very close to the sink.  That is all.

Why did this work so well?  I think it worked because we are creatures of convenience.  I made it just slightly more convenient for us all to grab the Envirocloth instead of a paper towel.

What about all the laundry?  The piles and piles of laundry I had imagined were not an issue because I can use an Envirocloth over and over by simply rinsing it out with hot water after it gets a little dirty.  I usually use an Envirocloth for 3-4 days in the kitchen and wash them in the washing machine (on hot) on Saturdays. I can be confident that I’m not spreading germs all over my kitchen because the microfiber reaches into the microscopic grooves of the surface and pick up and lock in grime and bacteria. This is possible because the Envirocloth has silver embedded into each fiber which is antibacterial and the cloth disinfects as it dries.

Seriously. It is that easy.  And think of all the money you could save by not having to buy paper towels every month! Let me know if you are ready to reduce your paper towel usage!

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