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Why become a Norwex Consultant?

I can’t tell you why you should or should not, but I can tell you why I became a Norwex Consultant and let you know some of the many benefits.

Honestly, I became a Norwex consultant reluctantly.  I am not a salesperson, and I couldn’t picture myself selling anything. But I soon found that when you love a product and believe you can truly help others by sharing it, it feels completely natural.  I think of it as sharing, not selling.  I loved my first products (The Household Package). The first time I used them I couldn’t stop cleaning my kitchen.  They felt good in my hand, were so easy to use, and I was amazed at how much better and quickly they cleaned than the Clorox wipes I had been using.  I thought my friends might like them too, so I had a party.  However, I was actually surprised my friends liked them as much as I did because I tend to be the “crunchiest” one in my group of friends.  Even so, they all loved the Norwex products.  Soon, I noticed I was telling lot of people about Norwex like my mom, my aunt and other people in my life and giving them my friend’s name and number so they could buy some too.  Finally, when I found myself talking to a complete stranger about the wonders of Norwex, and about to give her my friend’s number, I realized that I should be making the commission off these sales.  So, I joined Norwex and I now have every Norwex product that I always wanted and I got them for free.  And I get to share these amazing products that help families create safe havens in their homes by reducing harmful chemicals and waste.  That has been my passion for years and now I get to make money doing it!

Benefits of joining:

  • Promote a healthier lifestyle and a greener planet for future generations
  • Earn a 35% Commission
  • Earn 35% Discount on your personal retail sales
  • Discover the opportunity to develop a team of Norwex Consultants and receive discounts based on team sales (and get $300 in free product of your choice for each new Qualified Personal Recruit)
  • Set your own schedule and goals
  • Participate in sales incentive programs and team building promotions for the chance to win gifts and awards
  • Offer some of the most generous host rewards in the direct selling industry, encouraging more bookings and higher party sales


become norwex consultant

What kind of income could I expect to make?

That’s entirely up to you!  What is your goal? To pay for your kids’ summer camp fees, Christmas gifts, a special vacation, replacing your full-time job, or to pay off your bills. You can make any of these happen.  You can be a casual consultant, a part-time consultant, or build a steady income from this opportunity.

The average party earns about $200 in commission. If you want to have one party a month, that will give you a little extra spending money. If you want to have several parties a month, you could cover several bills that way!  And there’s no limit to how big you can build your business — there’s infinite potential with Norwex! If you build a team, you can earn monthly income based on your own parties and your assistance to your teammates.


Can I host my own parties?

Yes, you can host your own parties, which means you’ll earn commission on those sales and could also get hundreds of dollars in free products (the host rewards). I love being able to earn free products for my home this way!  You can also donate the host rewards to people in need, use them as party prizes, or add them to your party demo kit!

Norwex also offers its consultants monthly and quarterly incentives, where we can receive additional free products. So we’re not only rewarded with commission, but also earn a lot of free cleaning supplies, personal care products, items for our kitchens and laundry, and more.


Will joining Norwex help me save money?

The free products we receive add up to significant savings for most families! You’ll be saving money by using Norwex and not needing to buy numerous disposable cleansers and paper products. The average U.S. family spends $600/year on cleaning supplies. If you no longer need to spend that $600, and instead get free, healthy cleaning supplies, your family will benefit! This is why some people join Norwex primarily for the consultant discount. They earn free and discounted products, as well as commission, by having several parties per year. And their families benefit by eliminating that $600/year expense of housecleaning supplies!


Will I make money when I help others start their own businesses?

Yes, you can earn Norwex shopping sprees by sponsoring new Norwex consultants! And if you build a team of consultants, you’ll earn a percentage of their sales. If you want this to be your career you can build a team and work Norwex as a meaningful, full-time job!  Norwex will encourage your success!


What comes in my Party Starter Kit and how much is it?

The mop is our most coveted product and it’s in your starter kit!  Woohoo! In fact, ALL of this comes in your kit:

Norwex wants you to succeed!  The company basically sponsors us when we’re new. Therefore, the Party Starter Kit is FREE. There’s just a $9.99 shipping fee! It’s a generous offer: You’ll receive our most expensive product — the Superior Mop Collection — as well as two EnviroCloths, a Window Cloth, Dusting Mitt, Bathroom Scrub Mitt, Body Cloths, Fruit and Veggie Scrub Cloth, samples of key products like Ultra Power Plus laundry detergent and Cleaning Paste, party flash cards, catalogs, order forms, and other business supplies!

To earn your kit for FREE, Norwex asks you to achieve a sales goal. Norwex gives you 90 days to sell $2,000 worth of product. Now don’t freak out….the average party is just over $600. So achieving the $2000 goal in 3-months isn’t hard at all!  Think of it as having four $500 parties. You can try this for four parties, right?!!

If you don’t meet your $2,000 goal in 90 days, you just pay $200 for your starter kit. The kit is worth more than that! So this experience is well worth trying!  It’s usually life-changing for the consultant and their family.

How about this back-up plan: You can save your first party’s commission to cover the cost of your kit. If you have any concern about earning your free kit, this strategy will put your mind at ease. The average party is just over $600. If you save the commission from your first $600 in sales, that will be $210 in your savings account, ready just in case you don’t achieve the $2,000 sales goal. It would cover your $9.99 shipping fee and the $200 fee for the kit. Most new consultants qualify without difficulty, though!


What’s this about MORE free products?

I’m so excited to tell you about this! Norwex encourages and rewards your early success. They’ll send you hundreds of dollars in FREE extra products if you reach certain goals in your first 90-days. Here’s what you can earn with the FreshStart Rewards Program!

The countdown to earning your FreshStart Rewards begins as soon as you sign-up as a consultant (prior to your kit arriving). Please talk to your friends and family and schedule your first few home parties. Then sign up in time to have your Party Starter Kit arrive before your first home party. If you enjoy using Facebook, it’s a good idea to have a Facebook Party right after you sign up, so you’ll immediately begin entering sales and qualifying for your FreshStart Rewards. I’d be glad to help you with your first Facebook event.


You can earn three kinds of rewards from your launch party!

  • You’ll earn 35% commission on the party!
  • If you host your own launch party, you’ll earn free products (host rewards). Those are usually worth around $200!
  • You’ll earn the FreshStart Rewards (If you sell $400 in your first 15-days, you’ll receive $130 in free products!)

What an amazing way to begin — with a free party starter kit, commission, host rewards, and FreshStart rewards!


Could I purchase products from my own launch party?

Yes, that’s also a good option! You can shop your own launch party using your consultant discount. If you do so, your purchases will help you earn that party’s Host Rewards and will also count towards your FreshStart Rewards! Norwex party hosts earn 8-12% of their party sales as a Host Shopping Spree, so when you shop your own party you’re not only getting commission (or your consultant discount) and free products, but it’s also like getting an 8-12% rebate on your purchase when you close the party and claim your Host Dollars.


What are the minimum requirements to stay a consultant? Can I be a casual Norwex consultant, just joining for the discount?

We do not have monthly minimum sales — this is a flexible business! Focus on earning your free kit by achieving your sales goals in your first 90-days. After that, you’ll find it easy to remain a consultant even if you can’t host frequent parties. You’ll only need to sell $250 in product in a rolling 6-month period to remain a consultant. There’s no fee to renew your status as long as you meet the minimum sales requirement to not go dormant. Since the average party is just over $600, it’s quite easy to remain a consultant!

If you decide to join just for the discount, I suggest having 4-6 parties in your first two months, to be sure you earn your kit for free. After that, plan on having a home party every six months. That’s the easiest way to get at least $250 in orders every six months. You’ll help your friends go green and will maintain your consultant status. You’ll earn host rewards for those parties, so twice a year you’ll also have the chance to earn free products for your home!


Who pays for the host’s free products?

Norwex does!  My hosts usually get $200 to $300 in free products from Norwex!  They are usually shocked at how much they get.  It’s so fun to shower them with products I know they will love and help them create safe havens for their families.


Will I have to keep inventory or make deliveries?

No, you don’t need to carry any inventory. Norwex will ship products right to your customers’ homes. You will probably want to keep a few small cloths on hand to use as door prizes, but that’s up to you.


How do I get more information about this?

Let me know if you want to know more. Please either use this Google form to request information or contact me by e-mail, cell phone or Facebook Message using the information below.

I’d love to answer your questions and help you sign up!



Jessica Starr, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant




Cell: (469) 693-1108


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