The Perfect Housewarming or Wedding Shower Gift

housewarming gift idea

While the moving part can be stressful, a new home represents a fresh start.  New walls, fresh paint, sometimes new furniture, new goals to keep the house straightened up and tidy, new school, new neighbors, new friends…it’s a chance start with a clean slate and make some changes.  A new home is a new opportunity to create a safe healthy haven free of harsh chemical cleaners.  That’s why the Household Package makes the perfect housewarming gift.  With a new home, there will be lots to clean, and with this package, your friends will be able to clean their entire home with JUST WATER…no chemicals, and no feeding the landfills! YAY! The Norwex Household Package includes a Dusting Mitt, an Enviro Cloth, and a Window Cloth.

wrap it all up in a cute Mason Jar with a tag and bow

Here’s a quick description of each one and why every home needs them:

Enviro Cloth

The Norwex antibacterial Microfiber EnviroCloth removes dust, dirt and grease from all washable surfaces using only water—no chemicals! Norwex Microfiber has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following the proper care and use instructions. Our super-absorbent EnviroCloth picks up dust particles and traps them in the cloth until you rinse it out. Then BacLock™* in the cloth goes to work to self-purify and inhibit odors from bacteria, mold and mildew growth within the cloth.

Use it WET to replace all-purpose cleaners and bleachy wipes which only kill 99% of 4 specific bacterias when left on the surface wet for several minutes and create waste that feeds the landfills.

The Window Cloth

  • Replaces chemical window cleaners and actually cleans shiny surfaces better and in less time.
  • Removes EVERYTHING from all surfaces. BacLock, the micro silver agent in the cloth, goes to work with self-purification properties against mold, fungi and bacterial odor within 24 hours so that it is ready to use again.
  • Save money and protect the environment by eliminating the need for paper towels
  • Eliminates residual “chemical muck” left behind by typical cotton cloths and harsh cleaning products
  • Experience less paper dust in your home as paper towels are eliminated


The Dusting Mitt

The Dusting Mitt can be used wet or dry and is ideal for quick, chemical-free dusting throughout the house, including blinds, screens and other hard-to-clean areas. With its thick texture; dense, plush fibers and unique mitt design, the Dusting Mitt attracts and holds dust and allergens and won’t let them go. BacLock™*; in the cloth—our micro silver antibacterial agent—goes to work to self- purify and inhibit bacterial odors, mold and mildew growth within the mitt.

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