About us




Welcome to The Old Barn.  I am so glad you’re here. My name is Jessica Starr, also known as “the crunchy one” among my friends. If you aren’t familiar with what it means to be crunchy, think hippie, but more modern…Tom’s instead of Birkenstocks.

Due to the severe allergies in our home, I have done lots of research, sought alternatives to traditional household cleaners and along the way I found Norwex. I fell in love and now I want to share it with the world with my website. It’s all about GOOD CLEAN FUN: GOOD quality, CLEAN for the environment, our homes, and our bodies, and FUN to use and share. When you have children with food sensitivities, allergies, asthma, and eczema you read a lot of ingredient labels which makes you very aware of what is in the products you bring into your home. Give it a try…read the ingredients on your household cleaners and personal care products. It’s enough to make you sick…literally. With Norwex, I can remove 99% of all bacteria with just water, and not have to worry about cross-contamination or harsh chemicals. When you are ready to try Norwex, let me know.

 Our family began this journey with a desire to simplify. We want to get back to basics, nature, and simple pleasures. We believe that by being deliberate about the “stuff” we allow in our lives we will be healthier, more fulfilled and have more time for the important things in life.