Giving an Outdoor Space Relaxed Vacation Vibes

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When I imagined this outdoor space, I pictured a place where I could sip coffee nice and slowly each morning, where my electronics junkie kids would want to unplug and unwind, and where friends and family visiting would feel relaxed like they are on vacation.

I wanted the space to be comfortable enough to stay for hours deep in conversation, playing a game, reading, or taking a nap.

I’ve gathered ideas from spaces where I’ve felt relaxed and enjoyed lingering in and incorporated those ideas into this screened porch.

Ways to add vacation vibes to your own outdoor space

  • Make it comfortable – comfy seating, heater/fireplace/ceiling fan, not too formal

  • Use decorative items that are also functional for spending relaxed time in the space like this wooden tic tac toe game, books, pretty coasters, and pillows

  • Have conversation starters. There are lots of fun conversational card decks. Even the box of cards from Trivial Pursuit is a fun thing to have available for someone to pick up for an impromptu quiz game. But I LOVE these Ridley’s Games Room card sets. The boxes are pretty too which is a great bonus!

  • Plants help warm up a space, you could even use a whole bunch of them to give the space a lush tropical feel.

  • Add in some items from your own travels. Maybe shells from the beach, a deck of cards from Mexico, or a mini Eiffel Tower from Paris. Travel books and/or a guest book are also fun coffee table items that give vacation vibes.

  • Bring in your special local flare like the oars and map in this space. Shop your local stores for items that are specific to your area. And/or think about displaying the work of local artists, artisans and potters. A painting of a local landmark or feature is always a nice touch.

We live on a lake, so I included lake decor like the lumbar pillow and the vintage oars from a local shop.

The map from Mapiful is of our area and shows the lake and town.

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