Make your bedroom a cozy retreat

At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than pulling back the sheets and big fluffy covers, feeling the stress of the day melt away as your bed gives you a hug. We work hard and run ourselves ragged and we need our sleep to recharge us and allow us to live our best life. We spend at least 1/3 of our lives in or bedroom, so I think it’s very important to make this space a beautiful, cozy refuge.

Ways to make your room feel cozy and relaxing

1. Comfy mattress

At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than pulling back the sheets and big fluffy covers, feeling the stress of the day melt away as your mattress gives you a hug.

My husband and I have been married for 20 years, and in that time we have never agreed on a mattress.  My husband has had back problems in the past and he always thought he needed a very firm (AKA hard, in my opinion) mattress, and he was very skeptical that he would feel properly supported with a softer mattress. I prefer a softer mattress and want to feel like I slowly melt into it. We have tried other foam mattresses in the past but they made us feel very hot and neither of us were comfortable sleeping so warm. Finally, Puffy came to our rescue! We got a king size Puffy Lux mattress and we both have slept like a baby since! The Puffy mattress is the definition of luxurious comfort and coziness. I love Puffy because it feels both soft and supportive. Those qualities are not mutually exclusive. It is soft enough to fill in around you gently while comfortably supporting your body. I also love that it doesn’t make us hot. It has 2 layers to help regulate temperature. This mattress has even made my husband a convert. We now both LOVE our Puffy mattress and he hasn’t had any back pain since he began sleeping on a Puffy. I’ve told everyone how much I love this mattress. I love it, my husband loves it, I can’t get my kids out of my bed (they love it), and my mom has 2 Puffy mattresses at her house now!

The Puffy mattress is the definition of luxurious comfort and coziness.

2. Soft, high quality sheets

I never realized the difference a good sheet set would make until I experienced it myself. I recently got amazing new bamboo sheets from Cozy Earth and I may never go back. They are lightweight and breathable, regulate body heat, wick away moisture and are THE softest sheets I have ever felt! They are also free of harsh chemicals and dyes which I find very important for my sensitive skin. It’s hard to relax if your skin is itchy. And I love that bamboo is a renewable resource…who knew it was so soft?!? Right now you can get 50% off with my coupon code: JESSICAHOME50 Here’s that LINK.

3. Declutter

Have you ever laid in bed, not sleeping, running through your TO DO list in your head? Not fun. Sleeping in a room that is full of TO DO list items, or a room that is ON the TO DO list itself is not helping you relax. If you’re trying to make a bedroom a sanctuary, you need to make the space calm and relaxing. Eliminating laptops, mail/bills, things that need endless dusting, all the junk we need but don’t need to see, will really do SO much to make the bedroom a cozy place to recharge. Find another place for those things, donate, or at least get them out of sight in a drawer, basket or another room. I think less is more when it comes to “stuff” in the bedroom. Clutter is not calming.

4. Soft color Palette

Color is such an important design element to set the tone of a space. In the bedroom, where we want to unwind from the day, a soft, neutral or monochromatic color scheme is perfect. Light blues and greens are also restful colors. Bright, bold and primary colors energize our brains and may not be the best choice for a bedroom.

5. Varied Textures

People (including myself) often want a neutral or monochromatic look in the bedroom because it’s calming and restful. But if this is not done right, it can feel a bit stark rather than comfortable and luxurious. So keep the neutral and monochromatic, but also use a mix of textures and warm tones to prevent this. The bedroom is such a great place to add textures because there are so many fabrics used in decorating a bedroom. Think of layering a cable knit throw blanket, or a luxurious velvet throw pillow. I also love to add texture in the form of trim work to the walls.  My room is almost completely white, but I have done shiplap on the lower part of the walls and board and batten above that up to the ceiling which is v-groove tongue and groove. Baskets, woven shades, and various wood tones also do wonders for warming up a monochromatic space.


Some items may be similar to, but not exactly what is shown in my room, while others are the exact items. See disclosure in sidebar.

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