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How to Make an Herb Garden using old File Cabinets

May 13, 2022

Herb planters we just created using file cabinets

I bought 4 file cabinets that I found on FB Marketplace for $20 each.

file cabinets before

I originally planned to paint them a matte black but ultimately decided to leave the original paint.

If they start to rust, I’ll apply some acidic spray to go ahead and speed up the rusting process to give it a consistent intentionally rusted look.

To make these, I pulled the drawers out, and set the cabinets on their backs. The bottoms didn’t have a metal panel, so I placed the bottoms facing each other.

Then I drilled about 8 small (1/8″) holes in the bottom of each one.

file cabinets for herb garden

Next, I cut some foam panel insulation boards to line the sides. The file cabinets are black and this is Texas, so the insulation will hopefully keep the soil from getting too hot and drying out too quickly.

file cabinet prep for herb garden

Then, I filled the bottom half with rocks and logs and cardboard to fill up the space and require less soil to fill.

rocks at the bottom of planter for herb garden

Then, I used canned spray foam insulation to fill in the gap between the sides of the cabinets and the insulation boards. This will help with heat and keep the water and soil from falling into this area.

Next, I added soil and plants.

planing herb gardens in file cabinet

I love the way this planter looks and functions! It is so nice to not have to lean over to cut the herbs.

file cabinet herb garden finished in backyard
file cabinet herb garden view from house

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  2. Is this safe to have edible plants in? I’ve seen some posts saying not to put any plants you’ll be eating inside a filing cabinet planter…

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