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neutral bedroom with a white base, and creams, and grays with wood accents.

How to have a Neutral bedroom that’s NOT plain or boring

September 13, 2022

Create a Neutral bedroom that feels like a relaxing fluffy cloud

Have your tried to create a neutral look only to find your space feels cold or boring? It’s easy for an all neutral space to feel boring or worse, sterile.

But with these tips you’ll be able to create a lush bedroom that feels like a soft, welcoming, restful retreat that is light and airy and definitely NOT boring!

These tips will work in any room, not just a bedroom.

Neutral bedroom linens

Make your neutrals pop by starting with a White base

Beige + beige + beige = boring every time.

A space will look better with a little contrast.

Having a white base gives contrast and makes even neutral accents pop.

In this bedroom the walls and the duvet are white and serve as the base for adding in other elements.

Having white Euro shams creates a white base and separates the neutral throw pillows from the light beige headboard.

Make your neutrals Plush

By using thick, plush, comforters and fluffy, overstuffed, feather-filled pillows you’ll achieve a cozy richness that makes you want to dive in.

Whites and neutrals can be luxurious if they’re plush and cozy…and luxurious is never boring!

neutral bedroom decor

Neutrals are not boring when they have textures and patterns

This bedroom has lots of white but it’s far from boring because there is so many interesting textures.

There’s the linen headboard, the knobby lumbar pillow, and the puckered throw at the foot of the bed.

Even the white walls have shiplap and board and batten textures adding character, texture, and depth.

The striped pattern on the throw pillows adds just enough contrast and interest while incorporating all of the neutral colors in the space, pulling it all together.

neutral color scheme bedroom

Add greenery to your neutral space

Greenery looks great in any room, goes with every style and cleans the air too (if it’s real)!

It adds LIFE to the space and a pop of color.

linens and beding in neutral color scheme

Warm it up with Wood

Wood elements are the key to making a mostly white space not feel sterile.

Wood adds texture and warmth like nothing else.

This room has wooden nightstands, wood barn doors going into the bathroom, and wood floors.

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