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Bathroom Vanities You’ll Love

June 17, 2023

Did you know you can order whole bathroom vanities and have them delivered to your door?

We did this for our boys’ bathroom and saved a lot of money by not having our custom cabinet maker build it. The vanity we bought for that bathroom came with the quartz countertop, the (2) sinks, the faucets, the hardware…everything!

The quality

I am a big fan of a factory-finish paint job. And these vanities have that!

The paint finish and overall durability are WAY better than the other vanities we have which were custom-made!

The Cost Savings

When I add up what this vanity would cost if I sourced everything separately, it would have easily been double the cost! The quartz material and installation alone would have been almost the amount we spent on the whole vanity!

Here’s a curated collection of bathroom vanities:

  1. This is a fantastic tip! Ordering a complete vanity can save a ton, and the quality seems top-notch. Thanks for sharing this cost-effective solution for bathroom remodeling!

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