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Tile flooring that looks like brick in a herringbone pattern

Flooring and Rug Tour with Links

April 27, 2021

I get asked about our flooring almost daily and recently I’ve been getting lots of questions about our rugs too. So I thought it would be handy to put all this info in one spot. I hope you find this helpful. I’ll include pictures you may recognize from this blog or my Instagram page, @the.old.barn .

I didn’t link our Upstairs LVP flooring because I cannot find it anywhere.

This site contains affiliate links to products.

Wood Flooring

Our wood flooring is engineered wood and I already have a whole blog post all about it HERE. That post has a link, but I’ll include one HERE to the product page as well. We love it and I think it’s the best flooring I’ve had. If you have any questions about it after reading the post linked above, let me know.

Our wood flooring up close to show band sawn texture

I may have literally hugged this floor the right after I took this picture.

Mudroom & Guest Bath “Brick” Tile Floor

laundry room showing brick floor
Laundry room showing brick floor
Looking straight down at laundry room tile

This “brick” flooring is actually tile. HERE IS THE LINK It is called Capella 2×10 in Taupe color (Ours is not Ivory). When ordering, make sure you have the correct color and size selected. Sometimes the picture on the link looks different (I think it’s showing a different size). The question I get asked most often is about clean-ability. Since it’s tile and not actual brick, it is less porous and therefore easier to clean than brick would be. To get the brick look, there is a high ratio of grout to tile which makes it a little more difficult to clean than tile with very small grout lines. However, I have not found this to be a big problem.

For grout we used SANDED grout in Snow White: THIS ONE and our gaps are 3/8″ wide.

We also used this “brick” tile on the Fireplace surround.

Daughter’s Bath Floor

My husband laid this tile in my daughter’s bathroom on Father’s Day. He’s a good dad! Here’s the LINK .

It’s is also what I used to create the words in her shower niche. I just popped off the black tiles and re-glued them where I needed them to make the words.

Owner’s Bath

This tile is in our Owner’s Bath, The boys’ bathroom and in the en suite bath over the garage. It looks great laid both herringbone and staggered brick style. We used a gray grout and 1/8″ spacing. Here’s a LINK to this tile.


Okay, let’s talk rugs. I don’t have link to all of them but I will share the ones I do have.

First, our Foyer Rug is definitely one of my faves!

Here’s the LINK. It is called Kenmare and this one is the size closest to 5×7. It has been so easy to clean, even right here by the front door and lots of traffic. It has a tight high quality weave and the colors are perfect! You can try code: OLDBARN55 for 55% off (they don’t keep these codes working forever so it may no longer work)

Another view of Orrick

I switch out the Family Room rug fairly often, so I’ll be showing a couple different ones in this same space. This one above is called Orrick and here’s the LINK. It has a nice blue, and some small bits of navy, and the pattern is very pretty. You can try code: OLDBARN55 for 55% off (they don’t keep these codes working forever so it may no longer work)

This was taken the day it snowed HUGE snowflakes ALL day long here in Texas!

This rug (above) is now in my oldest son’s bedroom, but I did love it in the Family Room too. Here’s a link to this natural beauty!

This one (above) is WASHABLE! In the washing machine! It’s is now in the Owner’s Bedroom, but It looked great in here too! I keep getting messages from friends saying they saw my Family Room (this picture) on Facebook. The company is using this picture for Facebook ads (with my permission). Here’s a LINK to this rug. You *might* be able to get 10%off with Code: FUNOLDBARN10

My daughter’s turquoise rug is probably the nicest in the whole house. I can’t link this exact rug because it’s one of a kind, but if you love vintage, handmade and/or one-of-a-kind, go check out Revival Rugs. I don’t know if this code will still work but you can try Code: THEOLDBARN10 FOR 10% OFF.

My husband’s Music Room/Office (above the garage) has this really cool rug. It looks like diamond shapes made of cowhide but it’s not really cowhide. But it’s very convincing and you cannot tell unless you get really close. Here’s the LINK to this rug.

I’ll keep updating this post, if I get any more rugs! Which, let’s face it, I probably will! Did you find this post helpful or inspiring? Please let me know if you have any questions.

  1. Jessica Mcmaster says:

    This might seem like a dumb Q, but when you grouted the brick tile, did you grout over the tile and then wipe off leaving a distressed look? Or did you strictly grout between the lines?

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