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two basket planters filled to complement each other with lavender, hydrangeas, and rosemary.

Perk up Your Porch : Simple Spring Flower arrangements in baskets

April 7, 2022

Spring is a great time to spruce up your porch with some pretty containers and plants.

Confession: I am a plant killer…especially container plants.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these baskets and the way they look as planters on my porch.

However, there’s not a convenient hose, and I worry about what all the water will do these baskets over time.

So, I picked up some faux plants and it’s the perfect solution for me.

Maybe you’re better with plants than I am. If so, by all means, go for the real deals!


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spring porch decor baskets

Spring Planters Step by Step

Here’s a step by step of how I created these 2 basket arrangements to perk up my porch for Spring!

Start with 2 or 3 different sized planters or baskets

These match, but they don’t have to. I will be making 2 different kinds of arrangements that look good next to each other.

spring porch decor two baskets

Here’s a few baskets I love:

Add a tall “Thriller” plant

In this case, I used a faux cedar in one of the planter baskets.

spring porch decor baskets with plant

Add a “Filler”

I used 2 small (faux) hydrangeas.

I picked up all of the smaller plants at IKEA. Can you believe they have so many great faux and real plants there? There are also some similar plants linked above.

Add some “Spillers”

Spillers are plants that hang over the rim of the planter.

I used 4 small spillers in this planter.

Let’s add some spring to the other basket

I wanted a different look in this basket.

Choosing a different arrangement of all one kind of plant with a completely different texture and shape allows these to arrangement to complement each other rather than compete with each other.

I filled this basket with 4 lavender plants.

More Spring Ideas!

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  3. […] Perk up Your Porch : Simple Spring Flower Arrangements in Baskets // Old Barn Company […]

  4. […] Perk up Your Porch : Simple Spring Flower Arrangements in Baskets // Old Barn Company […]

  5. Love that you used faux flowers and plants in your porch planters. I need to try that! You created a beautiful display for your spring porch.

  6. Jen says:

    I love this idea, Jessica! I have some baskets that are sitting empty on my porch, so I’m going to try this. It’s still too cold to plant anything real, so this is a perfect alternative! Pinned.

  7. Your basket arrangements look so perfect for Spring. I used faux florals and greenery myself and it’s hard to tell the difference. Yours looks so real. Beautiful post.

  8. I adore your planters! Those faux flowers look amazing. Such great texture! I pinned them to my spring board to share 🙂


  9. I absolutely love these, Jessica! I am a big fan of baskets on porches too.
    Thanks for sharing, pinned.

  10. Pasha says:

    Those baskets are GORGEOUS Jessica!!! I love how you styled them for your spring front porch ;)!

  11. Meeghan says:

    Those baskets are fabulous, Jessica! I love the faux florals and greenery too, they look so realistic. Beautiful styling! Thank you for the inspiration.

  12. Kim Waldorf says:

    I love your basket planters! You did a beautiful job and your porch looks great! Happy touring with you!

  13. Libbie says:


    Your porch baskets are gorgeous! I pinned for inspiration for when it stops snowing here in MICHIGAN! Fingers crossed it is soon. 🙂

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