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Make your Coffee Table say “Welcome, stay a while!”

January 20, 2021

Our coffee table is ever evolving. I try to create a warm space that is both attractive and inviting. I hope it says, “make yourself at home, feel free to put your feet up” while still being pretty. There are certain design elements that make coffee table decor not just pretty, but really inviting too

Vary the heights of the objects you choose

This is for aesthetics as well acting like a magnet, commanding the attention with taller objects, and drawing the eye in to see the smaller items. You can stack books to raise some items if you don’t have something taller.

Add LIFE to your arrangement

Plants or flowers, or other natural elements give life to your table. It’s been shown in studies that seeing nature and green flora are good for mind and body. Besides being pretty, they add homeyness and comfort to a space.

Use Items that add movement

I don’t mean they need to be physically moving, but rather that they flow, and help the eye MOVE through the space. An example of this are the wood bead garland and the throw blanket.

Include a conversation starter

This is the most important element for a coffee table in my opinion. And conversation starters can be pretty! Some examples: a small collection, a pretty coffee table book, a souvenir from your travels (ie mini Eiffel Tower or seashell), a puzzle, or a fun compact game. We love this to keep this game handy.

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  1. Joanna Varga says:

    Can you share WHERE you purchased the rugs in your home. I watched the video, but couldn’t find any links for rugs. Thank you!

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