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Teen Bedroom Makeover

February 10, 2021

We did this Makeover in ONE weekend and on a budget!

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My 15 year old son’s room had our old hand-me-down bed and mattress and even a plastic folding table for a desk. The bed is nice, but it is not really fitting for a teen boy. An then there was the desk-less desk nook…well, it had a plastic folding table for a while…if you count that as a desk. His room looked like waste field of discarded and unloved items and had no personality or design whatsoever!


BEFORE on a good day! Still had a folding table for a desk and hand-me-down bed.


How we did it

We were thrilled when we found this awesome REAL WOOD bed and comfy mattress by Zinus. It is very affordable, has a 10 year warranty and shipping is free, so it was a no-brainer. My son and I were able to set it up in less than an hour. Next we added framed prints on the wall in coordinating colors. Then, I built a desk and hung these pipe shelves above it. Now his room is looking really amazing and much more fitting with his personality.

The shelves are made using a kit I ordered and made it so easy and quick. I just bought a 10′ long 1×12 pine board and cut it into 3 equal lengths for the shelves. The desk was made by attaching 1x2s with long screws to studs and then attaching a plywood top to those. I trimmed the front edge with another 1×2. This is all stained with Special Walnut (Verathane brand from Home Depot). I recommend staining before attaching the wood pieces.

Everything we used to do this makeover is linked below. The big throw pillow is from Home Goods and I couldn’t get a link, but I included some that have the same vibe. My mom made the quilt, but Nebraska Furniture Mart has one very similar.

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